My First Java Program

Welcome to Java Programming world. Let’s learn how to write our first Java program. We’ll first talk about the requirement you need to set up for your development work.

1. IDE / Code Editor

IDE stands for Integrated development environment. It helps you speed up your development work. It also helps with the syntax using intellisense. Code editor is an advanced Text editor that is light weight, does not bring anything extra than you require to start your programming. It helps you reduce the complex part of understanding IDE at initial stage and you get to know more about how code compile and runs. Personally, I feel code editors are better to start the programming than switching to IDE on first day.

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Java Netbeans for Information Practices +1 & +2 || Datatypes and Variables

Java Netbeans for Information Practices +1 & +2 || First Program

Video Tutorials | Programming in Java | First Program

Laravel 5.2- Introduction, Installation & Setup


Laravel is one among the top  PHP frameworks used today for the web development. May it be developing dynamic websites with multiple modules or collection of REST APIs for a mobile app, you will always find Laravel at top choices.

Though i am writing up this series of posts on Laravel 5.2 , greater version have been released. To start with Laravel, you need to have some good knowledge of Object Oriented Programming in PHP.  Laravel depends on Composer for installing all it’s dependencies(packages).

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